29th September Update

Band conditions have been tough in the last 24 hours due to the high A and K indexes.  80m 40m and 30m have been particularly affected with signals rather weak combined with high atmospheric noise levels making for difficult copy.

EU openings have generally been to Eastern and Southern Europe.  We are conscious of the fact Northern Europe, the UK and Scandinavia have been missing out and we are listening hard for them.

The bands have not been too bad during the day but openings have been reasonably short at times.

We plan to be on 80m again tonight at our sunset and sunrise, hopefully the static stays away 🙂

We will get up on 160m in the next few days once the atmospheric conditions calm down, probably early next week.

We will also be on 17m CW from about 0700z aiming at EU.  We have  good opening there for an hour last night.

The guys are in good spirits and we are having a lot of fun.

If anyone in EU has any comment contact our pilot Bjorn ON9CFG.



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