Internet and Indices

We are having continuing problems with the internet connection and have asked Norfolk Telecom to investigate the very slow and unstable connection. We will keep real-time logging running when we can and regularly upload to Clublog at least twice a day.

The solar conditions have been very unhelpful. High A-index and K-index reflect the very poor openings at times. We have been looking for openings to Western Europe with little success so far. We have been CQing on SSB and only working a handful over an hour. CW and RTTY seem to be punching through better. Hopefully conditions will improve for the Oceania SSB contest an into next week.

On 80m CW we are finding a lot of blind calling, stations that can barely hear us or have nil copy persist in calling, slowing the over rate dramatically. Please only call us on 80m if you have readable copy.


One thought on “Internet and Indices”

  1. I have been very lucky to work you both on my SR + 80 minutes and my SS – 60 minutes on 80m. Thanks a lot for this one. I was waiting for this QSO for years. Thanks for your outstanding effort


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