4th October Update

Conditions have continued to be very poor. During the Oceania DX test, we made zero QSOs in th 4 hours roughly 1600-2000z. We tried CQing and S&P without a single success.

Things have improved slightly and the solar indices are more encouraging. We’ve had great openings to USA and JA on 10, 12 and 15m around 21-0000z but we have yet to hit a hot patch to Western Europe.

We had out first day on topband yesterday and were very encouraged by the loggings. Plenty of W, JA and 25 EU plus a handful of VK & ZL. We will be on 160m again today for the sunset lift around 0630z, Eastern USA sunrise around 09 thru to Western USA around 1400z and from around 1700 for Europe. Our QRG wll alter as we move around to avoid garbage from a slow-moving switchmode power supply nearby. Look for spots on the cluster.



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