VK9NZ – the Quake Contesters head to Norfolk Island OC-005 in Sept/Oct 2016

The Quake Contesters who previously activated YJ0X on their DXpedition to Vanuatu in 2014 announce that they will be operating from Norfolk Island with callsign VK9NZ from 25th September to 8th    October 2016.  The operators are well known DXers Geoff ZL3GA, Mark ZL3AB, Paul ZL4TT (ex ZL4PW), Don ZL3DMC and Phil ZL3PAH.

We will operate 160m to 6m (depending on propagation) with up to 3 stations operating simultaneously.  Equipment will be 2 x K3 & KPA500, and 2 x FT450D.  One FT450D will be dedicated to 6m with a delta loop monitoring for openings.  We will operate CW, SSB and RTTY and will be attempting to give QSOs to those parts of the world which need VK9N most according to ClubLog. We will be operating in the Oceania SSB contest during the first weekend of October.

Antennae will include two folding hexbeams for 20m – 10m and verticals & wires or the lower bands.

We are staying at Anson Bay Lodge where there is plenty of room for antennae.

Since two of our XYLs are coming along this will be a ‘DXpedition with shopping’ in our unique Quake Contesters style, but do not be deceived – this is a serious DXpedition and our target is to make 30k+ QSOs during our stay and to hand out as many ATNOs and new band/mode slots to as many DXers as we can.

ZL3PAH is the QSL manager.  QSLs will be available via OQRS on ClubLog.  Logs will be posted to LotW after the DXpedition as soon as they have been checked and busted QSOs corrected.  VK9NZ will use the expedition feature of ClubLog including leaderboards.

Depending on internet reliability we hope to post QSOs in real time to ClubLog.

Members of the DXpedition will cover their own travel and accommodation costs, but donations will be sought from individuals and DX associations to cover additional costs including excess baggage, equipment insurance and any one-time necessary hardware costs.

All enquiries to ZL3PAH at phil@cliftonbay.co.nz

Note – the Quake Contesters were formed by Mark ZL3AB and Phil ZL3PAH after the disastrous Earthquakes in Christchurch in 2010/2011 – hence the name.  They have operated as ZL3X in many of the big international contests since then.


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