To look at your best bet for propagation from your QTH to VK9NZ, click here to access the VOACAP Charts (many thanks to Jari OH6BG).

VK9N Norfolk Island global rankings as at May 9th from Clublog: Overall 95th, CW 119th, Phone 87th, Data 84th

We will be focusing on modes and areas most needing VK9N. We will call these areas whenever an opening appears. Clublog shows us rankings for the following needy geographical areas and modes:

Western Europe: Overall 64th, CW 80th, Phone 59th, Data 56th

Eastern Europe: Overall 77th, CW 101st, Phone 61st, Data 69th

South America: Overall 81st, CW 91st, Phone 81st, Data 62nd

Middle East: Overall 58th, CW 117th, Phone 57th, Data 138th

Africa: Overall 80th, CW 89th, Phone 81st, Data 45th






Norfolk 2016

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