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Internet and Indices

We are having continuing problems with the internet connection and have asked Norfolk Telecom to investigate the very slow and unstable connection. We will keep real-time logging running when we can and regularly upload to Clublog at least twice a day.

The solar conditions have been very unhelpful. High A-index and K-index reflect the very poor openings at times. We have been looking for openings to Western Europe with little success so far. We have been CQing on SSB and only working a handful over an hour. CW and RTTY seem to be punching through better. Hopefully conditions will improve for the Oceania SSB contest an into next week.

On 80m CW we are finding a lot of blind calling, stations that can barely hear us or have nil copy persist in calling, slowing the over rate dramatically. Please only call us on 80m if you have readable copy.


Log Upload Issues & 80/160m

We have had issues with the local Norfolk telecoms connection (all wireless) so logs have not been appearing in real time on QSO Director from all PCs. We hope to have these issues sorted very soon. If you don’t see your log in QSO Director, check Clublog as they should show within 12 hours.

The 18m Spiderbeam pole for 80m went up yesterday. We made a small number of Qs last night Norfolk time. Conditions were very poor and static crashes from thunderstorms were a problem. We will be on 80m for the next few days around 0630z, will also try through our night around 1700z.

We will be on 160m in a few days.

6M Breakable Beacon

We will have an FT450D running a CW breakable beacon on 50130. The antenna will be a 6m loop. At YJ0X, this simple antenna was sufficient for us to work a handful of KH6s and around 40 JAs. Realistically, with the decline in solar activity over the last 2 years, we are more likely to work VK & ZL. Still, it is the Equinox season so we will gladly accept surprises!


OSO Director Added

VK9NZ will use the new QSO Director website so hams worldwide can see their QSO logged in near realtime at:

Please note that we will not be uploading contest QSOs (CQWW RTTY and Oceania DX SSB) to this site or to Clublog in realtime. All other non-contest QSOs will be uploaded.

The VK9NZ team would like to thanks Martin A65DC and Keli TF8KY for providing this excellent tool to the DX community.

One Week To Go…

Hi all,

Just a reminder that VK9NZ Norfolk Island will be on air late Sunday 25th September.

Everything has gone to plan and we are looking forward to the pile-ups, especially from EU, SAM and AF. We will make a late entry in the CQWW RTTY leg.

We will have the low band antenna up in the first few days using an 18m Spiderbeam pole with a topload wire for topband. Look for us on 160m and 80m around sunset and sunrise Norfolk Is time, i.e. 0640 and 1845z and from East Coast North America sunrise around 1000z onwards.

See you in the pile ups!


VOAProp Charts

The charts below indicate likely propagation to areas most needing VK9N. To look at your best bet for propagation from your QTH to VK9NZ, click here to access the VOACAP Charts (many thanks to Jari OH6BG).

United Kingdom


Western Europe


 Eastern Europe




Southern Africa


Middle East


Northern South America


Southern South America